Movie Content Distribution
released: Q3 2012
gardenFrame version: 5.0.1

A fastest working and fast growing video search system! Don't limit your video needs to YouTube, embrace 'em all! Flickgarden supports the search on most popular video hositing websites. If it exists, there is video of it. And we have it. No exceptions. Action, horror, drama, fantasy, you name it! Clear, categorized video content at your fingertips. Join the community and share your playlists with your friends, rate the movies, comment on them and apply all the other powerful social tools of gardenFrame to the the video content indexed by the system.


Image Distribution
released: Q4 2012
gardenFrame version: 5.0.1

Uploading images has never been this easy! We have build a user friendly system to share, collect, find any image that you like. The beta version is not available for the general public yet.

Projects in development


Literature Distribution
releas: Q4 2014

We created this system especially for the book lovers. It's going to be the biggest online library of free books. Here you can find eBooks of any genre and in any popular format (txt, pdf, fb2, pdb, rtf). Now you know where to find books to fill your Kindle or iPad. Or you can simply read a book on the website, because we have a comfortable and beautiful online reader which looks like a real open book.


Game Distribution
releas: Q4 2014

We created this system especially for the game lovers. Find and download all the biggest, newest and best games.